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JNPT Depot

Located at Padegarh,Post Kundevahal,Taluka Panvel,Dist. Raigad

The advantages of this yard

Mundra Depot

Presently, we are carrying out M&R services for the following shipping lines in Mundra

  1. M/S. CMA-CGM Agencies (India) Pvt.Ltd.
  2. M/s. Unifeeder Shipping Line India Pvt.Ltd.
  3. M/s. Goodrich Maritime Pte. Ltd.
  4. M/s. Vasco Maritime Pte. Ltd.
  5. M/s. Baltic Line.
  6. M/s. Hyundai Merchant Marine.
  7. M/s. Emirates Shipping Line DMCEST.
  8. M/s. Cordelia Container Shipping Line.
  9. M/s. Transliner Maritime Pvt ltd.
  10. M/s. Oman Container Line.
  11. M/s. Aiyer shipping Pvt. ltd.